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Channel Manager

Manage booking channels in real-time

The days of double bookings are over: never before has it been so easy to maintain booking platforms such as Booking.com, Expedia, Airbnb & Co centrally in one hotel software  and to synchronise them in real time.

Manage platforms centrally. Efficiently promote and sell offers in the Channel Manager. Finally avoid overbooking.

Few things are as time-consuming as maintaining the various booking portals. Activating the categories is a balancing act between the hope of more bookings and the danger of double bookings. This has come to an end with our Channel Manager!

  • Connect channels and use them as a sales channel
  • Automatically compare rooms & availabilities in real time
  • Update restrictions & prices collectively for all channels

More turnover thanks to channel management

Present your offers on all channels and benefit from the billboard effect, more presence and more bookings.


Connection & Mapping

Activate new sales channels in the Channel Manager with just a few clicks. Easily import channel categories & rates and link them to the room plan.

Overview & Statistics

Management made easy: current channel status as an overview in the dashboard and practical statistics on number of bookings, turnover & desired date.

POS systems & payment providers

Connections to the most common POS systems and payment providers simplify the booking and payment process for hosts and guests.

Platforms & Associations

As a platform solution, the Channel Manager enables the connection to JULIA for independent tourism- and regional associations.

POS systems & payment providers

Connections to the most common POS systems and payment providers simplify the booking and payment process for hosts and guests.

Satisfied customer testimonials

Over 6,000 hosters of all sizes already manage various booking channels centrally in the Channel Manager of their hotel software and benefit from more bookings and fewer overbookings!

Pension Peterhof***
The changeover to JULIA went smoothly without any problems.

I am most enthusiastic about the channel manager. So I can enter the interfaces like booking.com, feratel, from JULIA and there can be no overbooking.

Not only the availabilities can be maintained, but also the prices and restrictions - all with one click !
Apartments Villa Ratskopf
Kathrin Seering
The link to many other booking portals is an unbelievable simplification of work, as bookings and guest data are automatically entered into the programme and also deleted in the event of cancellations, thus saving an enormous amount of time - and also nerves!
Boutiquehotel ARX, Schladming
Anna & Manuel Veith
We have been using easybooking very successfully for about 12 years and the "Julia" has become part of our team, so to speak.

What also distinguishes easybooking is the integrated channel manager, which enables the connection to various OTAs.

So in summary: Easybooking offers a great "all inclusive service", you have ONE point of contact for many topics that matter in the enquiry and booking section.
Ferienhaus Erzgebirge in Pockau
Gabriele Rausch
With easybooking everything is up to date, different booking platforms are used, there are no double bookings. I was able to integrate my occupancy list into almost all booking portals, so that time and effort is saved there too, which now benefits my guests.
Pension Peterhof
Angelika Glavanovits
I am most excited about the channel manager.
This way I can enter the interfaces like booking.com & feratel into JULIA and there can be no overbooking.

Not only can the availabilities be maintained, but also the prices and restrictions - all with one click!
Frequently asked questions

A Channel Manager is a tool that allows you to sell all your rooms simultaneously on all booking sites you are connected to (Booking.com, Expedia, Airbnb, etc.). The Channel Manager updates your availability in real time on all platforms and channels when a new booking is made, when you no longer want to offer a room or when you make bulk changes to your inventory.

The easybooking Channel Manager helps you to manage your booking channels and avoid double bookings. This means that if you use JULIA, you can, for example, adjust the prices for all your connected booking platforms with just a few clicks. And through a real-time synchronisation with the JULIA room plan, only those rooms are offered that are actually available.

The easybooking Channel Manager works with other providers via direct and indirect interfaces and is controlled directly from JULIA. This means that you use JULIA as hotel software and link all your booking channels with the JULIA room plan in the integrated Channel Manager. In addition to price management, the Channel Manager contains a practical overview of the last bookings as well as various assessment options.

The easybooking Channel Manager works together with various service providers: Destination management systems such as feratel, tomas or capcorn, payment providers such as Paybal and Klarna, cash register systems such as Gastrotouch, booking platforms such as Expedia, Booking.com, Airbnb & Co, registration providers such as AVS or cardexperts, hotel programmes such as protel or Casablanca and other providers such as bergfex, arlberg.com or Alpine Gastgeber are among the interface partners. The Channel Manager is constantly being complemented by further direct and indirect connections.

No. The connection of existing channels via the interfaces available in the Channel Manager is free of charge for JULIA customers.

Yes, you can create new channels and map them (i.e. connect the channels to the room plan) on your own. If you need our support, you can find numerous instructions in our Academy or we will be happy to help you personally.