easybooking is GDPR-compliant

As a host, you take care of your guests and everything else that is part of the daily tasks in the rental business. So it is understandable that topics such as the GDPR are not at the forefront of your mind. But beware: as a landlord of any size, you are obliged to work in a GDPR compliant manner, to handle guest data with care and to provide your website with compliant contact and booking forms.

JULIA, our overall solution is compliant with the GDPR and thus also all enquiry and booking forms as well as the entire hotel programme.


Your order processing contract with easybooking

As we process personal data as a software provider, we are obliged to ensure that the data controller, i.e. our customers, have the necessary functions at their disposal to be able to work in compliance with the GDPR. Our customers, who are considered data controllers, are also obliged to only work with those who can provide appropriate proof.

For this reason, we provide a data agreement contract. This agreement complies with the requirements of the European Commission and demonstrates the willingness of both parties to follow the legal requirements when processing personal data.

It is therefore important for you:

If your company is serviced by easybooking/zadego, the data processing agreement will be concluded directly with zadego GmbH. Therefore, please download the order agreement contract, fill it out and send it either by post or by e-mail to:

zadego GmbH
Anton-Melzer-Straße 10
6020 Innsbruck, Austria

To download: Contract for commissioned processing pursuant to Art. 28 GDPR  (.pdf form)

As a user of our PMS system, you can agree to the order processing contract in electronic form directly prior to using the programme.