Our partner program

Collaboration with added value

We rely on partners who digitalise tourism together with us. You support property managers as a consultant in successfully positioning themselves on the market? You give hosts a public image as a web designer and thus help them to get more bookings? Then we are in this together: by integrating easybooking into the website of your tourism clients, you fulfil what you promise: visibility, digitalisation, turnover.

You too can profit from easybooking.

easybooking Partner

By sharing the contact details of potential new clients with us, you will receive a 10% commission for the first year for every 1 client you refer.

easybooking Advisor

As a result of your independent advice and quotation for new clients, you will receive 15% commission on future clients in the first year with 10 or more clients referred.

easybooking Reseller

As a result of your independent quotation and promotion to new clients, you will receive 20% sales commission in the first year and 10% in the following year from 20 clients referred.

You want more? Get certified as an easybooking consultant!

You focus on holistic service for your customers and would like to support them beyond the referral with further questions about their JULIA? Then attend our basic training and take part in our online module training! With an online check of the learned training contents, you certify yourself as an easybooking consultant and guarantee a special service for our mutual tourism customers.

Our easybooking Top Partners

Partner portal free of charge

We are convinced that successful cooperation requires direct contact, uncomplicated exchange of knowledge and readily available information. From JULIA manuals and free e-books to the current training overview, our partners can find everything online in the partner portal.

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