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You run a successful accommodation business and your guests are happy. We know that, and congratulate you. And yes, you're right: you can do it without Julia too. But why work without it, if it can make your life so much easier?
Still not a client? Stop wasting your time!

JULIA, your virtual receptionist, combines a web-based property management system with the selling of your accommodation through Online Booking, Channel Management and automated guest communication.  JULIA works independently, wherever needed, and fulfils the needs of guests and the accommodation provider at the same time.

Your personal “JULIA”

Depending on your requirements and business size, configure JULIA to your individual needs.

The Channel Manager provides simple and immediate updating of your room availability and rates across connected channels.
The Channel Manager provides simple and immediate updating of your room availability and rates across connected channels.
JULIA is a fully-fledged Property Management System (PMS), offering all the functions required to manage your bookings, guest information, deposits, payments, additional charges and invoicing.
This module provides compliance with the Austrian Cash Register Directive issued by the Federal Finance Minister and guarantees creation of compliant receipts.
Using Online Check-in, your guests can send through their full details in advance of arrival for you to print our and prepare.
"Special Offers" are a significant component of improving the marketing and sales of your accommodation. Using the "Packages" module offers can be integrated into the website, presented during the booking process or displayed in newsletters and on landing pages.
Category information, the price list, the availability calendar and your price transparency are automatically up-to-date on your website through the connection with JULIA

Add a website to your JULIA

Your website is your shop window to the world.  JULIA’s integrated websites impress your potential guests with appealing content that is always up-to-date.  Your accommodation information, images, availability and pricing are displayed straight from JULIA, with the advantage of built-in online booking directly with you; simply, securely and instantly.

HTTPS - Certificates
Security above all! This is why an HTTPS certificate is automatically included.
Additional content pages
Do you want to include more information on your website? You can expand it according to your wishes by adding additional pages!
Price transparency
Direct bookings are promoted thanks to a transparent and clear pricing policy.
Social Media Links
Use your website to highlight your Social Media marketing channels such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to encourage engagement with existing and potential guests

Easily expandable to grow with your business over time

We are excited about JULIA

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